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Machining is the process of shaping a designed workpiece by removing chips of different shapes and sizes, with reference to the technical drawings created in accordance with the standards.

It is carried out using cutting tools. Depending on the difference in the processes, the cutting tools and benches that are used also vary. Machining methods differ according to the moving feature of the cutting tool or part. Various methods are available.

The materials on which operations such as drilling, cutting, and threading are performed are called workpieces. The materials that are harder than the workpieces that allow the chip to be removed from the surface of these workpieces are called cutting tools. Machinery systems, on which workpieces and tools are attached, and which provide the necessary power and movement to remove chips, are called machine tools.

Machining takes place in the form of abrading the workpiece from the cutting tool and workpiece, which have different hardnesses. Different materials such as plastic and steel can be processed.

As KMS Kumas Metal, we continue our production in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 EU Norms.