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What is Laser Cutting?

With the CNC "Laser cutting" machine, it is possible to cut and process Metals such as Iron, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, and Copper.

Cutting metal materials with laser is possible with auxiliary gases. These are Nitrogen and Oxygen gases. Due to the cooling feature of Nitrogen gas, the lateral edge is bright and clean in the cuts, while in Oxygen gas, the cutting edges are covered with oxide due to its flammable feature. Processes like welding require special handling. Although laser cutting carried out with Nitrogen is clean, it is costlier.

What is a press brake?

A press brake is a piece of manufacturing equipment used to bend sheet metal. A press brake is typically narrow and long so large pieces of sheet metal can be bent. A press brake bends the sheet metal by lowering a punch onto the sheet metal placed on top of a die. The metal can be bent several times with a press brake until the desired form is reached.

What is Punch?

For the CNC punch machine, the system is based on molds in a chamber, which are suitable for various purposes, performing various operations on sheet metal in a certain order. The mold part is fixed, the sheet metal part is movable. The places where the molds will operate on the sheet metal are specified in a program that is prepared and loaded into the machine beforehand.

There are at least two clamps holding the sheet material. These clamps ensure that the sheet is kept in a desired position on the machine.

The sheet metal part is placed on the machine table thanks to these clamps and the centering pin, and the metal is processed arbitrarily.

As KMS Kumas Metal, we continue our production in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 EU Norms.